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Production of pure natural plant extracts, Chinese herbal extract - Xi'an rich high biological technology Co., Ltd. Is a focus on plant extract production, research and development of high-tech enterprises, the company's products are involved in plant active ingredients

  • Standard extract

    Rich people strict product quality, adhering to the "customer first service concept.

  • Proportion extract

    Rich high biological research model; scientific research and innovation by the company executives,

  • Plant monomer

    Rich high biological research platform; has the national identification enterprise technology center, academician workstation

  • fruit and vegetable powder

    The advantages of technology and research and favorable geographical environment provide favorable space for the development of enterprises.

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Xian Folga biotechnology Co., Ltd., located in Xian, China, is a high-tech enterprise,which specialized in research and development, production, sales of the natural plant extract, pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical synthesis o ...

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Xi'an rich biological science and Technology Co。, ltd。

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  • 20 2016.01

    Rosemary extract benefits

    Because of its strong antioxidant properties, heat resistance, good stability, anti-aging, high and broad spectrum efficacy, rosemary extract has a great potential for development in food, cosmetics, p

  • 20 2016.01

    Naturalin at Vitafood Brazil 20

    Vitafoods South America 2014 was opened on Apr.,08-09,2014, in Sao Paulo,Brazil. Vitafoods South America is the leading ingredients and raw materials event for the nutraceutical, dietary supplements an

  • 20 2016.01

    Natural plant extracts feed add

    The plant extract refers to the the single component or mixed with a clear target component composition which gained by using the global natural plants as raw materail, through modern plant chemical ex

  • 20 2016.01

    What is valerian?

    Valerian is a hardy perennial flowering plants in the Northern Hemisphere, June to September is its flowering , bears fragrant white or pink flowers. What is valerian? Majority valerian is a wild resou


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